May 17, 2011

My Bean growing up. For my own records, I'm going to take a moment and record some of her cute, two-year-old-self.

  • Leaving the house last night to run errands, Zsa Zsa was talking to me. "I love daddy. I love brother. I love beans....I Love Leesa, I love Ab-ee, I love DOODLES." 
  • She has a knit blanket my mom made her when she was born. This blanket goes everywhere with her. Since she's getting bigger, this has been something of a challenge, since she has other things she'd like her hands to be doing. Luckily, my inventive daughter has come up with a solution. She now stuffs the blanket under her shirt, thus allowing for blanket closeness AND hand freedom. 
  • I held my sleeping girl in my arms at church today, and noticed she got her first freckle. It's right between her eyes on the bridge of her nose. The Boy's first freckle was on his leg. 
  • She's a pack rat. How many toys can she take with us in the car? As many as will fit in her arms, plus one. That's how many. 


melissa said...

Aren't kids with take-along-loveys creative? Ella has started stuffing Baba (her sheep) into her backpack and wearing it everywhere so as to free up her hands. It also makes it so Baba doesn't get dropped somewhere and forgotten. I kind of like the idea myself.

Oh, and HOW IN THE WORLD do you manage to get her to sleep in your arms at church? The only sleeping my kids do (well, all but Gracie, that is) at church is the occasional Sunday when Janie falls asleep in Sharing Time and falls off her chair. (Yes, it has in fact happened on more than one occasion.) But, besides that, my kids haven't napped at church in for-e-ver!

Becky said...

Getting Bean to sleep at church requires we first load her up in the car with a paci and blanket and take a drive. Usually it only takes 10 minutes. Then I can go back to church and catch the rest of Sunday School. :)