May 28, 2011

Lane Bryant

I don't need to shop at Lane Bryant any more, but sometimes I go in there just to look around and remember how fat I used to be.
So while I was in there tonight, the lady behind the counter asked if she could help me. We started talking about if Lane Bryant still carries maternity in the store, because I got the CUTEST maternity wear there back when I still needed to shop in fat people stores.
At the end of the convo the lady called me fat. Ferills.

As we left the store, The Hubs turned to me and said, "Wow. I'm so glad you didn't beat that lady up, because it's time to go get the kids." See, even Mr Socially Oblivious knew this lady was outta line.

Now, I don't like to be mean or anything, but Lane Bryant has a minimum size requirement for their employees. It may be a size 18. This girl fully filled that requirement and then some. Her badonkadonk was so big it ended in the next county. I can't be sure, but it may have needed it's own zip code.

I was JUST in that store, so I KNOW it has mirrors. Maybe the mouthy employee needs to glance at one occasionally. Otherwise she may find herself in need of a new jaw and the teeth to go in it.
Not that I'm sensitive or anything. (W@#*#&$(@#*$@#($*#(@#*$(#*$&@(##*$&

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