May 22, 2011

Movie Reviews: Thor

In case you looked at Thor and thought, "eh" can I just say, you should reconsider? We went in to this movie not expecting much. After all, it's a superhero movie following arguably the worst Marvel Comic Hero of all time. By worst, I mean most boring AND stupidest costume.

Luckily, Kenneth Branagh decided to direct it, so of COURSE it was fabulous.

In case you don't know, Kenneth is a classically trained at the Royal Academy for Dramatic Art. That's movie speak for: a good actor who may or may not be nice to look at. In his case, he falls into the former category. Personally, I think he looks a little like The Hubs. I digress. He's also directed a decent number of quality films.

Back to the movie.

Thor is visually stunning. The CG is incredibly well done and relevant to the plot.
The story arc is reasonably decent. Better than a Thor comic, not as visceral as say, an X-Men movie.
The acting is also well done. Anthony Hopkins plays Odin All-Father. He was a little hard to recognize under all that hair and bulky armor, but WOW is he a good actor. I believe he's another RADA graduate.

The title lead, Chris Hemsworth, wasn't someone I've run across before, but I can assure you the scene wherein he goes shirtless is totally worth the cost of admission.
 Also, his portrayal of Thor was decent.

Natalie Portman was Natalie Portman. In her defense, she didn't have much to work with. Her character didn't have any development.

All in all, I say it's worth seeing in Theater to support a well done movie that doesn't depend on sex or poor language to sell it.
No cussing, no nudity (other than our shirtless hero) and the costumes covered the females. I thought the addition of classy costumes that weren't slutty was really a breath of needed fresh air in mainstream Hollywood. Thanks, Kenneth, for making a quality movie worth seeing and not selling out for T&A, which you totally could have done, considering the target audience.
Seriously, go see this movie. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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