Apr 26, 2010

The Baby turns 17 Months

and you know what THAT means? ONLY ONE MONTH UNTIL CHURCH NURSERY!!!!! Not that I'm counting down or anything...
The Hubs and I are excited to learn we can have actual back and forth conversations with her. A few days ago her eye caught the animal net in the play room while The Hubs was changing her. He told her if she would let Dada put her pants on, she could get an animal down. She sat right down and let her Dada put one pant-leg on before she was up and moving again, but that's real progress! She also gives answers to questions if the answer happens to be in the affirmative, and she feels like it.
Here are the vital stats:

momma, dada, baby, no, bye, hi, thank you, me! (which means I want you have, and I want it NOW!)

eat, more, drink, thank you, baby, no

10 teeth (she's still cutting the 10th-a molar, but it's through the gums so I'm counting it) and still no hair, but at least that's one thing more I don't have to do Sunday Morning. :)

Here's a picture of her signing thank you (and eating pizza).

My phone camera doesn't snap the picture right when I click, so I had a hard time getting the whole sign. Deal.
She loves to sing and chatters like crazy all day long!
Her favorite toys are baby dolls and stuffed animals. She also likes the ride-on car and the baby stroller. She loves to "help" momma play the piano and push the shopping cart. We cannot get her to sit still for anything! If it weren't for some very baby-centric teenagers in our ward, The Hubs and I would never hear a talk or lesson.
Happy 17th month birthday, Baby. We love you!

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