Apr 11, 2010

An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Almost every post is about the kids, which is understandable, since they ARE my world. But the recent spate of "kid-favorite" posts has lead me to the obvious question; what does Momma like? Here, my friends--or cyberspace-- is the answer.

Well, one of them. I also like
Now for the less obvious things.

1. Freshly shaved legs, clean sheets and silky pajamas all in the same place at the same time, preferably with 8-9 hours to enjoy them
2. Dark chocolate covered almonds
3. A shower without the possibility of child-related interruptions
4. Lifting weights and running
5. Cooking...uninterrupted
6. Reading a really good book
7. Going to school (wish I liked this one back when I had time to do it)
8. Traveling, mostly without kids
10. Throwing a party
11. Writing
12. A clean kitchen
13. All the laundry done, and put away
14. Disneyland
The End


Nan and Aaron said...

fun post. I love learning little tid bits about people. And I definitely share some favorites with you.

melissa said...

I can relate to and agree with almost all of that. Isn't it funny how it's the simple pleasures that really are the ones we treasure the most these days?

PS--Love that pic of the hubs! So fun!