Apr 5, 2010

Boy Stuff

It's time for a Boy Post. I'm all about equality in parenting...and blogging.


We're driving in the car, and he starts to fuss, so of course The Baby joins in, because she's like that. The Boy says, "NO BABY! I CRYING! My turn to cry!" I could not help it. I laughed.

"Mom? Let's paint our house purple. I like purple, it's SO beautiful." "Um. Let's paint a picture of our house, and in the picture we can paint the house purple." "No mom! PAINT MY HOUSE PURPLE!"

(Interestingly, as I'm typing, The Baby just bit The Boy on the arse. THAT'S funny. )

OK. Back to The Boy.

We were watching General Conference (church) on TV and as the prayer starts, The Boy interjects with, "NO! I say the prayer! (Insert The Boy's Actual Name) say prayer!"

"Mom. I like your eyes. They are SO beau-i-ful!" Followed closely by, "Mom, I like your teeth, too."

Of course my favorite thing to hear from The Boy is, "I love you mom!"

Form of transportation: train
Vehicle: fire engine
Color: Blue, Red, Orange, Purple
Food: candy (he's three, what'd you expect? brussel sprouts?)
Book: Once Upon A Cool Motorcycle Dude and Not Too Much, Just Enough
Song: Stinky Feet aka The Going to Bed Song
Activity: Anything outside
Word: DUDES!
Phrase: Oh my stars! (Because we don't say "Oh my gosh" at our house)
The Pirate
Say it with me, "Arrrrr! Minnie!" Because he's a Disney Pirate, apparently. 

That's about it for my just-three-years-old little man. He's such a cutie!

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