Apr 3, 2010

First Words

Baby has been "talking" for quite some time, but yesterday she said her first sentence.

I went in her room in the morning to get her up and she was sooo happy, so I asked if she was my happy baby. Then all morning she sang, "HAP-py, BA-by"! And she's doing it again, today. This makes me the HAP-py MAma. :D

Here's her list of words:
mom-mom/mom/mama (that's me)
dada (the DH)
baby (herself, and sometimes other little kids)
tickle (first "real" word)

list of signs:
thank you (love this one)

Baby, I love you. Thanks for making me smile, and sometimes laugh out loud.

1 comment:

melissa said...

So cute! Ella's a little behind on the talking thing. But she does say tickle. It's one of her few real words. And it's SOOOOO cute.