Apr 20, 2010


The Hubs and I just got our tickets and room reservations for the TusCon and I could not be more excited.
I mean, we get to MEET JIM BUTCHER! 

Could anything be cooler?

I know. We are giant geeks. But you know what they say about geeks. "Wow. Geeks are rich." And someday, I plan to be a rich geek. Actually, this convention is part of our "Become a Rich Geek Family" plan. We are going to network and hopefully find an agent for The Hubs' new book. (Crossing fingers, wishing on stars, etc)

Don't bother coming to rob us. My sister will house-sit! Plus, we don't have any stuff worth stealing, since, you know, we're not RICH geeks...yet. (Di, can you house-sit? I'll even let you throw a party.)

All joking aside, the best part of this little trip may be the part where we are NOT (under any circumstances) taking our children along. WOO HOO!

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