Apr 29, 2010


What to do with my biter?
The Boy has started biting the The Baby. Let me start at the beginning.
In the beginning, The Boy harassed  Baby, who couldn't get away and would thus bite The Boy. I explained (and he seemed to understand) that Baby bit because The Boy was bugging her and she couldn't get away. I did not punish Baby for biting, because she only does it in self-defense.
Then...The Boy started biting. Hard.
I did time out, I explained. I ranted raved and generally made a fool of myself. Today he bit her IN FRONT OF ME...TWICE.
Here's where I admit to loosing it. I sent him to his room and told him it was the ENTIRE day.
Baby and I left to run an errand and within ten minutes of us leaving the house, The Boy was asleep. On the floor. In the family room. In broad daylight. He has NEVER EVER EVER done this. Ever. The Boy needs the following to get to sleep: A dark room, his bed, two pillows, 14 million blankets applied in the correct order. No lie.
I find myself asking, "What on Earth is wrong with my little boy?"
Do YOU know? 
EDIT: it has come to my attention that I ought to say in the body, The Hubs was home with The Boy when I left. :)


becky said...

To clarify, his Daddy was home. Obviously I don't leave my young children home alone. :)

Sue said...

Funny. I had to read it twice, because I was wondering that exact thing....that you left him home alone, but I thought to myself, how would she know if he fell asleep 10 minutes after you left....so either A, you ran your errand to the next door neighbor and was back within 10 minutes, or B someone was left with him. Glad you clarified :) Haley did that once....threw a tantrum and fell asleep on the tile floor in the kitchen. I scootched her to the carpet :)