May 29, 2010

All Grown Up and Going to Nursery

 The Baby is 18 months now, and WOW has she blossomed into her own little person. She's finally decided to begin talking for real, starting with giving herself a nickname. It will only make sense to those of you who know her in real life, but it's Zsa Zsa. Yes, like Zsa Zsa Gabor. I have no idea how to spell that soft 'G' sound, but Zs seems as good as any.

She's getting to be even more opinionated and just a little mischievous. She likes to run away from Mommy in the store. Heaven help her if I don't notice right when she dashes off, because she is FAST! She also likes to steal The Boy's toys and then cry when he steals them back, which makes The Parental Units think The Boy initiated the stealing, if you can follow all that. I know the machinations of the toddler mind are beyond some. 
She's really quite sneaky. Good thing I already know all these tricks, having invented them YEARS ago when I was a young child. Well, maybe not that many years ago...
Also new is her clingy-ness. I blogged about that here. Obviously that has been not as much fun as the talking and singing. We found out she's allergic to all humus, not just the roasted red pepper kind, which probably means she's allergic to sesame/tahini. You should see the hives she gets when a little bunch of hummus gets smeared all over her skin!

Happy 18 Month Birthday (a few days late) Baby!
  Mommy is so excited to go to Relief Society with out you tomorrow. Maybe you can show your brother how to behave in Nursery. I heard you were stellar last week. :)

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