Aug 9, 2010

More Trip Stuff

So the whole point of this trip was to celebrate The Hubs oldest niece getting hitched. I have exactly zero pictures of that. Oops. It was beautiful, but you're just going to have to take my word for it. I was busy.

Other Random facts from the trip:
1. Drove 2,170 miles
2. Listened to 1.5 audio books
3. Passed out 3 chew-able Dramamines (love that stuff)
4. Stopped at one Vegas Buffet (and swore never to do it again)
5. Ate out twice
6. Saw five of my friends and three of The Boy's friends
7. Attended one movie
8. Took one (yes, just one) nap
9. Visited my midwife AND my acupuncturist (on the same day)
10. Got my Hair done by one super awesome Jill (thanks honey, it looks FANTASTIC. When I'm rich, I'll hire you full time to make me pretty every day.)
11. Asked The Hubs if we could stay longer 14 thousand times, and that's how many times he said no.

On the way home we stopped at
to teach The Boy about hydro-electric power and water conservation. 
Just kidding.
We stopped because The Parental Units needed to use the facilities and a break from driving with small children. $22.00 and a metal detector later, we were allowed in. The Baby thought it was great game to dive under the ropes guiding the lines and take off in random directions through crowds of people. Lots of people were laughing, and I admit, I was among them. She was just so HAPPY, it was hard to be mad at her. 

The Hubs and The Boy, standing over one of the diversion tunnels several (hundred?) feet below ground.
Yeah, don't think about it. 

The Hubs and The Baby standing above the generator room on the Nevada side.

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