Aug 8, 2010


The poor, poor blog has been neglected of late. Stinking finals! I did get an A in Sociology and an A (minus) in Anatomy and Physiology, which was a miracle. A HUGE thanks to my momma and sisters for watching my kiddos all day every day so I could cram 16 weeks of learn'n into 8 weeks.Ask me ANYTHING about your skin, bones or muscles. I know it all! (not really, but it's fun to say)
Right after finals The Hubs and I packed up the car and headed west (actually it was south east, but that doesn't sound as dramatic) for a The Hubs-side-o-the-family-wedding. A week in August spent in The Valley of the Sun reminded me why I wanted to go to Idaho for the summer, AND reminded me how cool all my AZ friends are. A week was not nearly long enough to do all my catching up and visiting.

Stay tuned for trip details AND pictures, coming tomorrow.

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