Aug 9, 2010


Where to start. Ah yes. The Parental Units Joint Decision to travel from Idaho to Arizona in a single day...with two small children.

In a word: insane.
We didn't leave Idaho until mid-morning. Arrived in Las Vegas about dinner time, and the in-laws house at 2am the next day. 17 hours after departure. Can you really call it "driving there in one day" if the trip actually spans TWO days?

Anyway, on to pictures!

The Boy, "helping" with irrigation

The Baby, trying on Mom's running shoes

The Boy LOVES Grandma's house. What's not to love? There are cows to feed (moo), a ditch with tad poles, cousins at all hours of the day, a riding lawn mower, a barn to play in, and quads. He was in Heaven.

The Baby just loves being with Mom.

The Hubs mostly worked, and I did WAY too much, like usual.

The kids and I went out to lunch, rode a carousel,

and watched a movie (How to Train Your Dragon) with The Boy's friend, E.
For a frame of reference, E is only 3 weeks older than The Boy. Yeah.
We found out first hand why you should always put the sun shade up in the car, even when parking away from the sun. The car seats, including mine, were literally too hot to sit in until the A/C had been going a good 10 minutes AND I had spread out the clothes we'd just bought to go between seats and bottoms. It was OK, because in the mean time The Boy had to water my tires. Don't judge, it was an emergency. I simply couldn't handle walking BACK across the mall parking lot in the mid afternoon with two cranky kids. Did I mention it was 115 degrees? See? Emergency. Heaven help The Baby. I have no idea what I'll do when she has potty emergencies. (thanks for the idea, S. Truly, life saving)
Is that ALL you ask? Oh no. There is more. Much more. Stay tuned!

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