May 12, 2010

The George

The Boy calls St. George, UT "The George". Or sometimes just "George". I think this is hilarious.
Example: "We going to The George today?" Or "I go see George today!"

Who could resist? So I took my kids to The George. We got to town late, because it turns out traveling with toddlers causes a rip in the space-time continuem making every trip take twice as long as it would with just me or The Hubs and me. Our first stop was my favorite biological uncle on my father's side. (yes, there is only one biological uncle on my father's side, and he's my favorite.) It's still a bit of a shock to see him because in many ways he is very like my dad. It's bitter-sweet to visit. I'm sure it's a tad painful for the rellies, also. Grandma gets weepy about Dad at least once per visit. We had a brief but enlightening visit
during which I learned both my grandparents are very ill. Not surprising because they are also very old, but still sad because they are two of the most amazing people I've ever met. The whole situation is making me wish I had listened better to their stories when I was a kid. (I wish the same thing about my Dad's stories.) Their stories are so much cooler than mine and it would be really awesome to tell them to my kiddos. I digress. Back to the trip.

After some seriously gross Mexican food purchased near the mall (which supports my theory all Mexican Food by malls is nasty, I mean, these guys didn't even offer ensaladas!) the kids and The Hubs stayed at hotel for baths while I made a quick dash to my Auntie's house for a brief, weepy, visit. Sensing a theme? Yeah. Me too. Now.

The next morning we visited my Grandma Cuella (yes, her real name. I had to tell it because it's SO weird, pronounce it "Q-la") and then headed to my other grandparents' assisted living community.
Here's The Baby and The GiGi.
And Three of my favorite Men in the entire world. :)

  After lunch, Grandpa taxied planes outside for my boys, and they flew planes on the computer. I painted GiGi's nails and read to her between coats. It was an AWESOME visit. 

Then we got BACK in the car and drove one of the best legs of the trip to date. The kiddos didn't wake up until Cipio, afterwhich The Boy morphed into a bear, and his little sister thought it might be fun to try grumpy on for size. But that's a story for another post.

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