May 18, 2010

Summer School, Dos

I started Summer School yesterday. To be honest, it was kind of anticlimactic.
The one class I was both dreading AND looking forward to was canceled.
Athletic Weights. 
(See? Fun AND scary!) 
Apparently I was the only one to sign up. Which is slightly more disappointing than taking the class with the entire basketball team, which is what I thought might happen.
Then I went to Sociology 101 which they may as well call Marxism 101 because that dude was mentioned no less than eight times in the first chapter of the text. Luckily, my teacher does not appear to be a Marxist, and as my cousin says, it's good to see things from another point of view.
I happen to think Marxism is the point of view of the Devil, but hey, it IS another way to see the world. And really, that's what sociology is; viewing the world differently.

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