May 14, 2010

Tree House Museum (Warning, Picture Overload)

We met up with some friends while in Northern Utah and hit up The Tree House Museum.
Here's way to many pictures of that visit.
Of COURSE there was a fire engine. 
And of COURSE The Boy had to drive it. 
Since he did
So did she.
And since my camera is old and stupid, it over-exposed even on automatic adjust.
Plus, I need to learn to take pictures.
Teaching him the proper way to bull ride was a trick. He didn't want to use the left hand to hang on, but he figured out the underhanded grip pretty quick.
Milking this cow was my favorite part. When stripped, the udder actually expresses liquid into the pail. VERY cool! Sam got wet, but I think that's because his daddy squirted him.
Here's the Prettiest Rodeo Princess EVER.
And here's her brother.
Here's the Little Momma. For some reason, all my pictures of her are over exposed. Do you think it could because she's SO white?

Here's my Scientist Son. 
He had a great time looking at slides and didn't really want to leave this station.
Which was OK, because it was right next to the baby area...
Which little miss, LOVED.
The Boy thought he'd try out the baby station, since The Baby liked it so much. 
But I can't tell if he's feeding or suffocating the doll.
Can you?
I have to say, I was a little irked at this display. I kept thinking, "yes, let's show that putting the babies in little sterile plastic boxes away from their momma's scent and heartbeat is A-OK!" 
Truly, it made me mad.
Moving On...

The Boy, with a monkey on his back.
The Hubs thought this was VERY funny.
Little Red. 
My camera died, despite two-day old batteries, so I had to switch to the cell phone camera.

More Fire Engine pictures, because we had to come back and play here.
The Hubs art project. 
He's so talented.
(Notice it's a winking imoticon.)
All the kids together. 
See that other baby next to The Baby?
She's only two months older.
Just say'n.

You made it!

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