Jan 16, 2011

Chub A Lub

You know how you can feel really great and be excited about how you look, and then someone takes your picture are you realize that instead of this svelte image held in your head, the reality is you're a bucket of lard walking around on chicken legs?


The Hubs works very hard on my self confidence issues. Maybe he should quit trying so hard.
Posting the pics from our Disney trip about killed me , see statement above.  The thing is, this is the MOST fit I've ever been in my LIFE! I run 3 miles, twice a day. Two years ago, I could barely walk three miles, let alone run it. And I may have mentioned the introduction of a raw food diet. It's just hard to want to keep doing those things when my picture looks like Jabba The Hut, only with slightly more hair.
I FEEL amazing, though. So I guess I'll keep running and not cooking my food. 

Here's to hoping 2011 ends with less of me in it. 


J. said...

Keep it up, you look great, and you've made me very proud of you. Also keep in mind that those "perfect women" images represent only 10% of women in the whole world who can look like that naturally. We like to look at them because they are beautiful freaks of nature you don't see every day. As an extra boost, may I also say that there are plenty of girls in the world who would pay millions for your boobs. I'm just saying, you look hot.

Beth Seaver said...

I hope I look that good after having two kids. Seriously, you're going to look back at those pictures in a few years and say to yourself, "Self, I looked pretty darn good."

Becky said...

Beth, I seriously hope not. :P I hope I look back on those pictures and say, "Dam! Who's the fat chick with The Hubs?" (yes, I meant to spell dam that way. I'll be talking to Hoover when I say it, so it's totally appropriate.)
PS LOVE your blog! So not my life and therefor, incredibly facinating.