Jan 18, 2011

Not Stellar

I had a super awesome post idea percolating in my head.
Then today happened.

It started out fine enough. Got the kids dressed and visited Home Depot. Played in the park. Had friends over for a playdate. Then it kinda spiralled out of control.

I lost my driver's licence in California last week. (I know that's not today, stay with me.)
Today was the first day of classes at the college. I hadn't registered yet. Somehow I thought there was another week left. Anyway, I went to the college, knowing they already had my info on file from awhile ago, but I brought my SS card and marriage license just to be on the safe side.
Registration went fine. Then I tried to pay.


Seriously? For comunity college? Yes. Because, supposedly, I'm out of state. Um, not according to my property taxes.
The only ID they will take is a driver's license or birth certificate. And the payment desk was closing AND if you don't pay by today, they kick you out of class.


Then I got a call from my Aunt saying Grandpa has mere days to live. You would think, oh, he's old, very ill and his wife has already passed so this should be a little sad but otherwise easy to handle.
It turns out that's not the case at all. I've been a complete basket case all evening.

After the call I tried to find the campus bookstore. I found it, but there were no people inside...or books. It turns out you have to go to another campus to buy books.


My first class is supposed to start tomorrow evening, but I'm seriously rethinking the whole thing. After all the drama of the day, it occured to me that I hadn't prayed about going to school this semester. I didn't think I needed to. Reevaluating that action plan currently.

Stay tuned.

PS, not only was today not stellar, it downright sucked. Major.

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