Jan 5, 2011

In House :) No Internet :(

We are back in our HOUSE! YAY!
It doesn't feel like our house yet, though. Maybe the carpet guy got the carpets too clean?
Or maybe it's because all our stuff is in the garage, so the house feels like one of those model homes that has all the furniture and none of the "lived in-ness".
Secretly, I like it. Except there's no towels and no food.
Seriously. We had to go to Costco for lunch, because I'll be a monkey's uncle if after WEEKS of saying "no" when the kids asked for cereal for lunch, I caved and let them have it.
They got pizza instead.
I got a diet coke. The first one in a year. I feel a little sick.

Anyway, so one of the downsides of moving is you have to get the internet turned back on. I haven't done that yet. I'm my way to over there right now.
Why don't you do that over the phone, you ask? I'll tell you.
To turn it on over the phone they want my social security number.
Um. No.
I don't even give it to the doctor or hospital because dudes; I've worked there.
ZERO security.
I figure if the HOSPITAL doesn't have decent security protocols for personal info, the cable company doesn't, either.
So, I have to treck down there and give them $50 and my first born. They can have him. Today he called me a Butt...and spilled milk on my clean carpet.

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