Jan 8, 2011

How are You? We're all Sick

This morning The Boy woke up in a pool of vomit and Zsa Zsa had the squirts all over her bed (and "Bankie" and favorite stuffed dog...). I didn't find out about it until after The Hubs had cleaned it all up. Well, not the Bankie or dog, but he's a guy. Details? Not so much.

Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE The Hubs? Seriously, he's the best. Bodily excretions are so NOT his thing.

We've been passing around this stomach virus for over a week now. I'm ready to give it the boot.
Along that vein, I've purchased some heavy duty help.
I like to call them Lysol and Bleach. Since, you know, that's what's on the label.

The upside of this whole fiasco is that I've finally lost my Holiday Pounds. Let's hear it for viral gastroenteritis! The official weight loss plan of 2011.

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