Jan 24, 2011

Where To Start

I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around the last 6 days.

In that amount of time, my only Grandpa died, I travelled to Utah for a funeral, came home again and resprained the ankle I paid oodles and gobs of money to have hacked open and repaired last year about this time.

All while dealing with some intense and personal issues. Too personal for the readers of IdahoBecky, withwhom I share practically everything? Yes. Even *I* am amazed by that.

In the near future I will publish a post on Grandpa, but I'm still mulling it over. I will say now that I was not prepared for his passing. Mostly because I did not want to face it. This was the inevitable end everyone saw coming, but I failed to brace for the storm. Oops. My bad. :/
The end result of my lack of preparedness is; this feels like loosing my dad all over again, except now I don't have that stopgap in the form a grandfather who loves me, knew my dad better than I did, and didn't mind standing in as surogate father when I needed one.
I'm feeling awefully alone, despite my husband in the kitchen making the kids, also in the kitchen, a pizza.
Really I need to just quit my moping and start counting the many blessings all around me.
I'm giving my self a week to finish boobing around, because I think that's how long it will take my ankle to heal. (haha, ankle...heal......anyway)
So this morning I did what I do every morning at 6:30 am, put on shoes and go for a brisk 3 mile walk/jog to warm up for an even more brisk 6 mile jog/run later in the day. But today, I didn't get very far because I'm a dork who recently has been experiencing balance issues. Basically, I tip over. And this morning, I tipped on the curb edge and rolled the ankle not a 1/8 of a mile from my front door. Oopsies.

Anybody know if they do ankle transplants?

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