Feb 26, 2011

The Boy: He's FOUR!

I've been needing to write up the birthdays for a while now, but because I'm riddled with ADD, I keep getting sidetracked.

Also, it's not like I want random people to know EXACTLY when my children's birthdays are. You random people are fine, but those OTHER random people, not so much.

For Hubs birthday, I took him on a surprise trip to Disneyland a month before his actual birthday. On his actual birthday I made the requested waffles and for dinner that night we ended up at a hugemongous family dinner because some great aunts had come to visit. Luckily for The Hubs, I made his birthday dinner the night before. I took a cake decorated like a laptop to the party, but it fell apart before we could sing happy birthday. I guess I didn't use enough skewers...or superglue.
The Hubs momma got him a button up shirt, because that's what she always gets him, and my momma got him a game, because that's what SHE always gets him. Luckily, The Hubs likes shirts and games. Did I mention my gift was a surprise trip to Disneyland? OK, then. I win.

The Boy turned four, which is an even number. On even years we get to make a huge fuss and spend time as a family. Poor The Boy was rather sick on his actual birthday. The day before we ate the greasiest, most tasteless food I've ever paid for at the Flight Deck, a cafe in our local airport. Yuk! Then we drove to B&N where The Boy got to pick out not one, but TWO birthday books! What a lucky kiddo!
This child made out like a bandit in the present department. Mom and Dad got him a bubble gun and a Richard Scary board game. Grandma got him a lego man that is a flashlight and hooks to a headlamp and  his other grandma gave him a plasma car. He's played with all the toys every day since his birthday.

We also filled the toy room with balloons which the children fought over played with for days. I keep finding forks in there because The Boy realized forks make excellent balloon-popping instruments.

We ended up at yet another hugemongous family dinner on The Boy's birthday, so I brought another cake. Since I'd practiced earlier in the week, this one came out better. The Boy insisted it be a ghost with a pumpkin AND a spider. Since that was within the realm of my cakeology abilities, I made exactly what he asked for...and I totally copied someone else to do it.

I used this frosting, a Swiss butter cream, and it worked so well I'm going to use it again and again. Especially if lemons are in season, because I can then take the yolks and make this curd. Wow. But I probably won't make a cake shaped like a ghost. Just say'n.

Happy Birthday to my handsome, grown up boy. Momma Loves.

To see more work by my awesome friend/photographer, go here.

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Christina MC said...

Your Bday cake is way cuter!