Feb 1, 2011

Megamind: The Review

Last night for family night we took the kids to The Dollars and watched Megamind. Since it's at The Dollars, 9 of my 10 readers have probably already seen it, but just in case, here's the lo-down for that one remaining person who was waiting to Redbox it.

(You know it's not good if I have to start with the cons, right?)

  • They say "butt" at least twice. We are fighting an uphill battle with The Boy and the word butt. Major con.
  • One dimensional  plot. I kept waiting for some kind of adult subplot to evolve and keep me company. You know, like Sesame Street.
  • The commercials and trailers have all the best parts.
  • The main character is a bad guy, which meant we had to actually TALK to our kids about the movie. What a pain. 
  • The hero has no neck. I'm sorry, but that's just WRONG. 

  • Animated
  • The voicing is just stellar. Both the protagonist and antagonist's voicing is VERY well done. It may be the only way I can stand Will Ferrell is in voice-overs. Tina Fey is good, but her voicing just isn't as good as Will's and Brad's.
  • The hero's name is Metro Man. Think about it. 
After the movie we saw the police incident command vehicle and the old-timey fire truck in front of the mall, so we walked over to investigate and get the kids a sticker. It turns out Ruby Tuesday's was donating all tips that night to fallen firefighters/policemen. Since we were on our way to grab a pizza anyway, we just went inside to eat. Next year, I'll just send a check.
Even when eating with my grandparent's in the assisted living home, the food tasted better. That's right, I just said Spurkey (spammed turkey) is better than Ruby Tuesdays. Make a note.

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