Feb 24, 2011

Toddler Tweekers

You know how when when your children are the same kind of sick as the kids your children play with, and the other mom takes her kids to the doctor first, and you just kinda assume YOUR babies have the same thing the doctor said their infected friends had?


My good friend took her brood in and was told "it's just a cold". So my currently uninsured (it's a long, boring story) children didn't go to the doctor, because OBVIOUSLY they had the same cough and other symptoms so it's the same thing. Right?

Or not.

Today Zsa Zsa woke up with not only her nasty cough and the runny nose she's had for over a month, she was also occasionally gasping after the coughing fit and once I started to think about it, I did notice her blue fingers the night before. I am SUCH a good mom. Seriously. Applaud.

As soon as she saw me this morning, she asked to go back to bed. That's when I knew she had something more than "just a cold" and I was going to have to fork over a bucket full of money to find out what it was.

Boy, can I call 'em.

An (expensive and uninsured) trip to the doctor later, we found out she's got a double ear infection, a sinus infection, and enough of a wheeze in her lungs to require albuterol. In case you're keeping track, in one day she racked up three prescriptions. Only two of them were reasonably cheap.

The antibiotic is so expensive, if she spits it out, I'm making her suck it out of her shirt, because we are NOT wasting it. Judging on the per ounce price, gold must be a major ingredient.

Speaking of medication, have you ever given a child Albuterol? Well remember a few posts back I wrote about a napless Zsa Zsa and how no sleep has the same effect as would speed on my daughter? Well, Albuterol is the legal drug of choice for two-year-old tweekers everywhere. You can't tell that she also has Tylenol with codeine on board. I think the chemist may have forgotten the codeine part of the Tylenol with codeine.

Currently she's bouncing off literal walls singing, "meenie mo, meenie mo, meenie mo" as fast as her little tongue can motor. Happily, I can report that's not a normal behavior for my sweet girl.

On a completely different, yet related tangent, today Zsa Zsa had to bring her pink princess purse on all our errands. Absolutely everyone who saw her thought she was the cutest thing ever and stopped me to tell me this totally obvious fact. Zsa Zsa compliments easily added 4.2 hours to my errands. I was just glad they knew she was a girl today. Yay for dresses and pink princess purses!

This post has been brought to you by: an exhausted IdahoBecky.

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melissa said...

Sorry to hear the little one is sick. And also costing you so much money. As for the tweeker bit, my kids on codeine pretty much act like that. Always. Well, any pain meds, basically. The stronger they are, the more WIRED they make my children. And the bit about the bouncing of the literal walls not being her normal behavior...yeah, count yourself lucky. I have one for whom that is not only normal, but actually kind of calm behavior and two more who can get just as wound up way too easily. Think I have any chance of this next one being a little more...calm?