Feb 21, 2011

Ponds, Sharks and Other Reflections

Yesterday I sat in church amidst women who sing better than I do, play the piano more brilliantly, are more educated, thrifty, well dressed, coiffured, genetically blessed and had more artfully applied makeup.
They take better pictures (admittedly not hard to do), invent better crafts out of duct tape and bailing wire and generally do more with less.

Then it occurred to me.

I need to be swimming in a smaller pond.

One that lends me the illusion of more shark, less minnow.

Either that, or I need to start focusing on what I'm really good at. Do you suppose heaven gives bonus points for snarky-ness? How about nagging? Unbalanced diet? Judging others? The shear volume of things I commit to and then flake on...

Oh, we'll come up with something...

This moment of minnowness has be shared by, IdahoBecky. Underachiever Extraordinaire.

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