Feb 19, 2011

How to Eat a Mango. Properly.

Today I got four of the most gorgeous mangoes I've ever seen this side of the equator. (Not that I've been south of the equator...) Plump, juicy, organic Peruvian mangoes. Oh glory. In case you're like most Americans and eat them with a knife in one hand, here's the "real" way to geterdone.

  1. Rinse the outside.
  2. Massage the heck out of it. Massage like you've never before massaged a mango. Massage until you feel all the pulp breaking up and it's mushy to the point of near leakage.
  3. You know that little stem on the end? Pop that sucker off.
  4. Suck the pulpy juice out through that itty bitty hole.
  5. If this works for you, let me know, I've not managed it yet. At least, not neatly. My mangoes are still eaten while standing over the kitchen sink.
This How To brought to you by one sticky IdahoBecky.

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