Feb 10, 2011

Kidlette Activities: Bean and Noodle Box

Have you ever just wanted a few minutes to yourself, but you can't send the kids out for whatever reason, and you'd rather not turn on the TV? I have. Like, at LEAST once a month.

Enter the Bean and Noodle Box. 

This nifty creation is yet another idea I copied off my good friend, Whitney. She's super awesome at being a mom, so I HAVE to copy her, since I'm not what anyone would call a "natural" mother. Totally making it up as I go along. Ferills.

So here's what you need.

2 minutes
a sturdy large-ish container with a lid that snaps on (to keep out the buggies)
a large sheet

How it works: Dump the beans and noodles in the container. Spread out the sheet. Place container on the sheet and let the kids get out their kitchen toys. I also have some left over frosting containers and a kitchen funnel they love to play with. The only rule is, the beans and noodles must stay on the sheet, which makes cleanup a breeze! It's an in-door sandbox with more texture for exploration and easier clean up.  Win-Win.

Once they start playing, you have at least 30 minutes of peace and quiet, and if your kids are as easily entertained as mine, up to 90 minutes of blogging time. :D


Christina MC said...

maybe when my little one is older...right now that's a choking hazard. And who is this woman who's got it all figured out?

Becky said...

oh, everything's small enough to swallow AND it's all food, albeit uncooked. Plus, you could just pull it out at nap time. Obviously, this is a toy that's kept out of reach at my house.
Whitney is a super awesome lady from Idaho, and I'm really hoping she doesn't care that I'm splashing her ideas all over the interweb.

Familia_Henderson said...

Bwaahahahaha! Don't I wish I had it all figured out! I just steal my ideas from everybody else! Splash away! You have WAY more people interested in your blog then I ever will! :o)