Feb 15, 2011

A "Woe Is Me" Post

Here's the deal. I've been feeling out-of-sorts lately, and I can't get in to my acupuncturist until next WEEK!
Brent is amazing. Unlike a regular doctor, I can tell Brent I feel off balance, he checks my chi and clears the blockage. I always walk out feeling like a new person.
Since next week is a long way away, I'm going to whine here in the hopes it will be cathartic.

  1. My neighborhood is making me claustrophobic. The houses are packed so tightly it makes it hard to breathe. I think I've figured out why the HOA requires us to paint the houses all the same: it makes it feel less like stacked coffins. Also, on a totally unrelated, yet still in the same paragraph tangent, ALL the new move-ins are whatever the current PC term is for black. I'm not saying that's bad, I'm just saying I'm from Idaho. We don't have black people in Idaho. I think they're scared of us. Or of our truly appalling fried chicken.*
  2. I miss the routine of school. I miss HAVING to be somewhere every day and being accountable to someone other than myself. Also, it did not suck getting grades to reward my effort. Nobody is giving grades for mopping and meal preparation (although I hear about it if anyone goes hungry).
  3. I'm lonely. There's a kind of camaraderie that goes along with school. When you're in the same classes as other people you have so much in common. People here don't seem to get me. Plus, the neighborhood and church are COMPLETELY different. Both have grown so much since we left, it's like moving to an entirely new place, even though our house is the same. It's kinda disconcerting. Also, I'm too depressed to make much of an effort right now.
  4. I miss my momma. I miss her Crazy Bad. She's coming to see me at Spring Break, but that's only a few days, not forever.
That's about it. What do you think? Do I need happy pills? Does ephedrine count?
*I'm not a racist. Just thought I'd point that out. I am also not politically correct. Like, ever. I still call gay people homosexuals...or fairies. I think it's only fair, since they call me a breeder. What do you want? I'm from Idaho.

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Bill said...

I believe the current term is African Americans. I don't know how you refer to black persons that are not US Citizens. It strikes me that pc is another term for dumb.

Go on YouTube and look up "Get Over It" by the Eagles. Then listen to it over and over, it will really help.