Feb 22, 2011

I Love Needles


I just thought you should know, I had my Chi adjusted today. It's kind of like an attitude adjustment, but with more needles.

My Acupuncturist said there was a problem with my spleen chi. So he punched a bunch of holes in me, burned some moxa by the points that needed it, and low and behold I'm back to my happy self again.

I'm thinking of taking up a collection to support my needle habit.

Seriously, I feel SO much better. Back to my chipper, upbeat, super peppy self. Wait, maybe instead of getting my chi adjusted, I had a personality transplant. Oh! I hope there's not a glum cheerleader wandering around somewhere...

This post brought to you by Idaho"Sieve"Becky

PS If you want to read a funny story, the last time I wrote about acupuncture, it was Here. I nearly got busted for pot possession. 

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