Mar 6, 2011


  • Zsa Zsa and I were reading one of those "First Word" books with pictures of similar items labeled on the page. One page is clothing. I'm pointing, Zsa Zsa is naming. She called the dress and skirt "princess" and the tights were "princess socks". I cannot make this stuff up. (Also, don't tell anyone, but I'm scared my of two year old. How is she THIS princess-obsessed? We only watch VeggieTales and PBS. The books we read are Caldacott winners. It's not like I princess-ify my daughter.)
  • The Boy decided on our way home from family dinner tonight that we needed to go camping. Right then. As in, that exact second. Yeah. I think he was just looking for a reason to pout and scream at me simultaneously. Or, he wanted to pee outside. 
  • The Hubs and I substituted in one of the nurseries at church today. Yeah. Pretty sure I'm going to hell, because the entire two hours I was on the verge of slapping and/or permanently maiming this one seriously bratty little girl. I didn't think two year olds could be bratty. I was wrong. Very, very wrong. 
  • As I was going through a box of books my grandma gave me in a family reunion/family home evening kit, I came across a likely title, "Line Upon Line, A Workbook Approach". Cool, I thought. A guide to the scriptures I can write my thoughts in as I go along and study! Um, No. It's a book about overcoming sexual addiction/misconduct. I'm not one to judge but, GRANDMA!?!?! What kind of a person does my Grandma think I am, anyway? Maybe the kind that doesn't actually read the books I'm given.
  • I left dinner at the in-laws without eating one single bite of sugar-enhanced food tonight. No Jell-o, no Jell-o salad, no lemon trifle, no brownies and most definitely no cheesecake bites. This is a first, and I deserve an award. No, seriously. Give me an award. Now. Or I'll pee outside your house.

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Diane Arnett Gardiner said...

OK. You are seriously funny!