Mar 15, 2011

The Question Is...

How many projects can I have going at one time, and NOT be one of those people who starts everything and finishes nothing?

Currently I still have an unfinished train table in the garage awaiting leather accents to the insets and a good re-sanding/gel stain to the lid. I haven't worked on it because I get paralyzed with fear every time I think of cutting the leather. It was really expensive and I can't eat that kind of mistake right now!
Then there's my bathroom mirror frame that's stuck until I make it out my brother-in-law's house and his super spiffy saw that can cut a groove for the mirror channel  in the back of the molding (it sounds more complicated than it is).
But what I REALLY want to be working on is refinishing my super ugly bedroom furniture. It won't take long. I promise. Just a little steel wool and some spray paint. I need to do it before it gets brutally hot. Maybe YOU can convince The Hubs...
Really, I just need to be doing SOMETHING to keep my mind off the moms I'm working with who are about ready to birth. I'm so excited I wake up multiple times in the night to check my phone. Just in case.

How many projects do you have going? How many is too many?

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MommaFiona said...

You could be like me and not be working on any projects except trying to make sure the house gets cleaned once a day. Honestly, I don't know how people find time for other projects when pure maintenance is all I can handle.

I forgot that babies come in the middle of the night. Hmm, mine have always come in the day time before. Now you're going to make it so I can't sleep either. :)