Mar 26, 2011

Confessions of a Caulkaholic

I have a confession: I like to caulk.
I don't mean, if there's caulking to be done I'd be happy to do it. I mean, I actively seek out caulking opportunities.
    example: "Hey look! The neighbors we don't know are getting new counter tops! I think I'll go over with my sparkley bedazzled caulking gun and see if the workmen need any help."

See? I need an intervention.

Today The Hubs was nagged to death decided to install our new bathroom sink. There is caulking involved. I did not know about the caulking until The Hubs emerged from the construction zone formerly known as the master bath, bedazzled gun in hand asking: "Do we have caulk?"
Would you like clear or white? Paintable? The kind that causes cancer but works really well or the new all natural stuff they only sell in California because it's made from "renewable resources" like liberals and Charlie Sheen TV appearances? The Hubs had no idea half our life savings is sitting in the hall closet in the form of caulk.

Needless to say, when The Hubs mentioned he didn't really know how to use a caulking gun, I was happy to help him out.
I caulked the sink...and the back splash...and the shower...and the kitchen counters...and the other bath....what? Like I'm going to waste an entire tube of caulk? Seriously, people. I need help. Lots of padded room and white jacket help.

note: This has been a work of fiction, based loosely on fact. 

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