Mar 21, 2011


EDITED FOR HUMOR. It's better now. 
I feel like the very best blogs are the one's that really let you in to a person's life. I would LOVE to have a "very best blog" but my mother reads this. And my mother-in-law has the URL and could potentially read it. Plus, I'm trying to maintain my PG rating. Sort of.

And so, I have to leave you in the dark about some stuff. Poor you. Or not.

Were I to attempt telling you stuff without actually telling  you stuff, it might go like this:

     My ____________ in law said that I _____________________ to my ___________ which is just ridiculous because obviously ____________________and also, what would I even be DOING in a heard of stampeding rhinos?

Here's another thing I'd LOVE to tell you, but can't. Because I promised.
One time __________and I were in ____and after we ______sweet sweet _______ I looked ______and realized that ___________ was ____________black ____________ which is SO not the same as pantyhose. Football player or no, that was not the time, nor place. 

It's just not as good edited, you know?

Something I WILL tell you is that I'm within 2 pounds of my wedding weight. That's kind of a big deal after having two kids.

It's slightly less of a big deal when you see my wedding picture and realize I've always been, eh hem, healthy. (ish)

Isn't my husband so handsome? I know it's not the best picture of him, but weddings are never about the groom. They're about the mothers bride.

PS I've spent most of today baking a carrot cake cheese cake. Tomorrow is the big reveal. I've been hungry all day just thinking about it.

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