Mar 4, 2011

The Week

  1. Yesterday for breakfast, I tried something new. Kamut. For those of you who don't know,"The new cereal is an ancient relative of modern durum wheat, two to three times the size of common wheat with 20–40% more protein, higher in lipids, amino acids, vitamins and minerals." An airman in WWII supposedly took a handful of the grain from a stone box in a tomb, and then gave it to a farmer in Montana. The farmer grew those kernels of grain, and now we have a "new" kind of grain. Sounds cool, right? So I cook up this cereal and take a bite. I think I know why the Egyptians put it in the tomb. It tastes like moldy mummy. Or wet dog. This could be because I'm not eating sugar this week. Perhaps with a generous sprinkle of brown sugar it would have been edible.
  2. You know how yesterday I was sooo excited to start painting my bathroom? I'm over it. It's done, but I don't think I'll be happy to paint anything else for some time. 
  3. My neighbor has a radio tuned to NPR on 24/7/365 in their Arizona room. I know, because the Arizona room is next to my bathroom. Every time I walk in to the bathroom, regardless of the time, I can hear NPR. Because I don't own a portable radio, I opened my bathroom window while I painted all day yesterday so I could hear the radio spilling liberal drivel and jazz. The Hubs hates jazz. He wouldn't come in to the bathroom to talk to me. I'm thinking of buying a radio and keeping it on in my bathroom all the time, but I'll tune it to conservative drivel...or death metal.

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