Nov 21, 2010

The Baby Turns Two

The Baby turns two next week week. I'm totally mixed on this, but my feelings aside, it's clear she's no longer a baby, The Baby needs another name. She calls herself Zsa Zsa, and it fits her. Also, it sounds nothing like her actual name.  Plus, I've gotten used to typing it. 

I tried to write her a poem for her birthday, something that captures the essence of Zsa Zsa.
I failed miserably. Here's my first attempt, a limerick, which wasn't my intention. I was trying to write couplets to do a sonnet.  Sadly, I haven't written any serious poetry since high school. We are SO not going to talk about how long that's been. At least two years. Eh hem.  Feel free to laugh at my rusty poetry skillz.

Zsa Zsa, A Poem
Sweet and playful, loves all things pink,
Enjoys washing up in the kitchen sink.

Pretty opinionated most of the time,
Connoisseur of books that rhyme.

Running in circles around the room,
Causing things with wheels to “vroom”.

Loves her brother and mommy too.
Dad’s the favorite, we get the clue.
Spends lots of time with crayons: Color!
Loves to eat just plain old butter.

Stuffed dogs and cats, red pandas, too
Hauls them around, what hullabaloo!

Softly asks for 'Blankie' and nap.
Curls up so sweetly on mommy's warm lap.

Gently tucked in with song and kiss,
Zsa Zsa, sweet Zsa Zsa, in nappy time bliss. 

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