Nov 10, 2010

The Post Wherein I Do Not Announce "I Have Cancer"

So I visited the marvelous Dr K. Monday. You see, I had a tumor protruding from my (this text has been edited by The Hubs).
Only it turned out NOT to be a tumor. (Feel that power shift in the universe? That's the weight of the world shifting from my shoulders to someone else's)
All I have is a much deeper level of appreciation for men getting prostate exams and a papilla.
Papillas are no big deal.
I don't know why Dr. M couldn't have said that LAST WEEK when I saw him about my alien bum lump and the hostile takeover the mushrooms were waging against my face. Honestly I was in a dead panic. What would YOU think if YOU'RE doctor said, "you need to get that checked out". Geez doc. You could try applying a LITTLE bedside manner...
I mean, my family is SUPER lumpy. We are a lumpy bunch. Lumps are frightening. Panic inducing. I might even go so far as to say they are odd looking.
So I'm pretty happy to have a benign lump, especially because my clothes cover it. :)


melissa said...

See, no big whoop. Told ya. Glad the news is good and weight of the world has moved on.

Beverly said...

You crack me up! Glad for the good news!

Beverly said...

You crack me up! Glad the news is good!