Nov 2, 2010

Randomness (seriously, just skip this one)

Since I'm taking some classes this semester, my sister is watching the munchkins.
I happen to be anti-daycare, mostly because I'm anti-spending money and anti-people with no language and/or interpersonal communication skills interacting with my children.
OK, mostly because I'm cheap.
When I came home the other day my sister said, "Yay! I'm free!" (she was joking... I think)
The boy replies with, "I'm three, too!"

Earlier this week I heard The Boy say to The Baby, "You're a GENIUS!" The Baby replies with, "No, YOU'RE a genius!" This is made all the more funny when you know The Hubs tells me regularly I'm a genius, and he means it.

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Bill said...

"Hubs" is remarkably perceptive.