Nov 18, 2010

Sick Baby

The Baby woke up this morning screaming her head off. (not literally)
She screamed through a diaper change and breakfast (ie one bite of cheesy eggs).
So I did what any good parent of a screaming child would do at 7 am.
I put everyone in the shower.
Where The Baby continued to scream.
The water was too hot.
The water was too cold.
She wanted up.
She wanted down.
I figured ten minutes of shower screaming was the upper limit of what any of us could tolerate, so I pulled out the last trick up my sleeve: Tylenol.
She kept screaming.
At this point, I was nigh unto despair, so after making an appointment with the pediatrician and dropping The Boy off at preschool, we headed to The Chiropractor.
She fell asleep on the way there. Blessed silence. But you should know, she never Never NEVER sleeps in the car.
I've not ever taken a kid to the chiropractor, but I was desperate and pretty sure she had a sinus infection. Once upon a time, pre-sinus surgery, I suffered from chronic sinus infections and chiropractic was the ONLY (short of surgery) thing that helped. Never having taken a kid in for this type of care, I didn't know what to expect.
Neither did The Baby.
After about 15 seconds of modified Logan, she melted into my chest and let the good doc do whatever he wanted.
AND she quit screaming.
Bless the chiropractor.
Bless Modified Logan, whomever he may be. I hope nobody else in that family had such a weird name.

Then we went to the pediatrician, because, why not? Plus, this was the second day in a row she was saying, "eyes. HURT!" while pointing to her maxillary sinus.
This is where we found out poor The Baby has a blister on her ear drum. Bollous Myringitis. :(
No wonder she was screaming.
This doc gave us numbing drops, which is a lot cheaper than chiropractic, and antibiotics.
Poor baby is sleeping now. I irrigated her sinuses before bed. You can pretty much imagine for yourself how that went, BUT she was breathing through her nose for the first time in two weeks as I laid her down.
Sweet Sweet baby, wake up feeling better.

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