Nov 5, 2010


Does anyone else think Math is a giant conspiracy?
I don't mean 2+2=4 kind of math, or the times tables or geometry. That math all makes sense.

I mean math like rational expressions and complex fractions. Math with rules that don't seem to make logical sense.

Here's my theory:
A long time ago the math geeks like Galileo, Newton, DaVinci, Fibonacci and Einstein got together for a beer. Einstein says, "I haff an idea. Vhat if ve make up some math and all pretend it is real. Ve vill see how long it takes the world to figure out our little joke." Every one else thinks it's a great idea because they're all drunk. And that's how we got math that doesn't make sense.

I would say something, but at this point, I think the whole world has bought into their little gag. The few of us who didn't had to become theatre majors. 

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melissa said...

Don't forget us English majors.