Nov 23, 2010


Saturday was my final day of running a Bountiful Baskets site in Idaho. Of COURSE we were outside, and of COURSE it snowed heavy, wet flakes the entire time.
When The Hubs and I got home, we found the kids had been making a 'noman' with their auntie.
They were VERY excited about the noman. They were not as excited to go back outside half dressed so mommy could take their picture whilst standing in the snow next to said noman. Ah well. A good life lesson kids! Sometimes you have to do things you'd rather not while freezing your tail off. Or something like that.

Sunday we woke up to no new snow. But all during church it fell. And fell. And fell. Until the world became white, all around. And we had to trudge through hip-deep snow in Sunday shoes, up hill both ways, to our car. OK, so it was only ankle deep. But needless to say, ballerina flats are NOT snow shoes.
Also, we have yet to buy an ice scraper. I just can't see making that purchase for the three remaining weeks we'll be here. Instead of shelling out four dollars for a stupid plastic scraper, I'd rather turn the car on ten minutes before we need to go somewhere, and burn $400 million of gas waiting for the windshield to defrost. I just love the environment THAT much! I actually picked a scraper up at the dollar store last week, but on my way to checkout I dropped it, and the darn thing shattered. Good thing that happened BEFORE I paid for it.

Monday morning I slid to the gym on roads of glass. (How's THAT for purple prose) But by the time I came home again, the roads had been sanded. Tuesday the entire valley shut down due to blizzard warnings, so Mom and I both got to stay home! Good thing, since I just poked my head out the door and it nearly blew off. I guess they were serious about that blizzard warning...and I here I thought they just wanted us to avoid Dairy Queen.

Mom and I walked to Smith's for milk, and later to KMart to get a new snow suit for The Boy. Both times you'd have thought the Idaho State Police HADN'T asked people to close businesses and STAY HOME! Traffic was per usual. As The Hubs says, "you can't make people take good advice". So true Hubs, so true. I've been dispensing EXCELLENT advice for years now. Nobody pays any attention.

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