Nov 7, 2010

Sunday Sickness and Random Health Facts

You can probably tell from my typing; I'm sick.
A giant bullfrog has taken up residence in my throat so NATURALLY I took this excuse reason to stay home from nursery church. I thought I'd scare the nursery kids. I thought this even though my own children laugh uproariously any time I open my mouth to talk.

Random Factoid aka ADD strikes again:
Froggy voices almost always mean virus, not bacteria, 
so don't bother going to the doctor, unless you wanted to give him $120 anyway.

My MALT (mucosa associated lymphoid tissue) is swollen. Just a few weeks ago I would have said my lymph nodes are swollen. Now, I laugh at anyone who says that. OBVIOUSLY your lymph nodes are swollen if you're sick, but you can't tell by feeling them. They are too small! You can, however, palpate the MALT. Mine's roughly the size of Texas.

Anybody know where I put the Niquil?

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