Nov 13, 2010

Bath Time...Repeatedly

My kids wanted a bath the other morning.
 That's fine. Great even, since they were both a bit ripe.
But after I had The Baby out of the tub and fully dressed I turned my back on her for literally 2 seconds to clear the kitchen table, and next thing I know The Boy is calling my name.
Because his clean and fully clothed sister is in the tub with him.

The Boy told me the following this morning:

"Short persons are trolls. 
They are made of rock and they EAT people." 
Go ahead. Just TRY to stop singing "Short people, ain't got no reason to live". I dare you.

Zsa Zsa still says, "YIP IT!" When she wants me to do up her coat. Pretty much nothing in the entire universe is as cute is Zsa elocuting "yip it".

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melissa said...

Ella gets so excited about getting in the bath that she often climbs in with some or all of her clothes on if I don't get her stripped down fast enough. Last night it was only her socks I hadn't gotten off yet, thankfully.