Nov 28, 2010

Zsa Zsa

Zsa Zsa has reached two parentally uncomfortable stages.
  1. ON her birthday, she learned how to say, "why-ya". I knew this was coming. 'Why' is a very 2-year-old thing to say...but ON her birthday? 
  2. She has also reached the age wherein I cringe every time she opens her mouth in public. *I* know what she's saying, but to everyone else it sounds like she has a potty mouth or is racist. The other day she says, "FAG! Fag ha sta-oos". Yes Zsa Zsa, the flag has 50 stars. She also says "Jew" ALL the time! But it's just because she hasn't figured out there's another sound in 'juice'. This is (sort of) a family blog so I'll just say fork is isn't the first thing that comes to mind when she mentions the pronged eating utencil...

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