Nov 3, 2010

School Update

  • This week I got yelled at in math class for using (get this) a CALCULATOR. Um, hello. It says right there on the syllabus, Mr Cranky Pants, that a calculator is a required tool for your class. M'kay then.
  • My second (and most stressful to-date lab practical) came back graded. 

          This is the grade I get on EVERYTHING for this class. I'm a 92% kind of a gal. I wish I could get a                
          100% just ONCE in a while, but I guess it's better to be consistently MOSTLY smart instead of
          occasionally all the way brilliant. Keeps me humble.
  • Bio-Ethics is STILL the most pointless class on planet earth, and possibly in the entire universe. Honestly, I swear to you, this class was invented by people who have never even heard of church. I'm thinking of asking my teacher if I can drop it and still get an A if I attend services weekly. (Which I do anyway, so I see it as a win-win; my teacher doesn't have to see me roll my eyes every 2.4 seconds and I don't have to sit through two inane hours of uselessness every week.)

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