Oct 17, 2010

An Announcement

Glory Be! is that ALL you people think about?
No. There's not a baby in my belly (although based on it's size, I could be hiding six babies or a small rhinoceros and not know it).

What I have to say is going to astound everyone. Promise.
But first I need to preface it with some information:

I am the world's youngest snowbird.
I am probably the ONLY snowbird with my original hair color.
The only snowbird getting regular visits from a certain red-headed relative.
The only snowbird with toddlers, for pete's sake.
I am a vagabond in the truest sense of the word.
I am, (Mom quit reading here, skip to the next paragraph) dare I say it, a GYPSY.

Which is why it came as kind of shock yesterday when I realized it was time to put down roots.

(That's the part where you should be astounded, or at the very least, mildly surprised.)

I'm ready to grow up, be part of a community, make the world a better place, all that garbage.
The question then, is WHERE do I do it?
This is the fun part. I'll give you a list of requirements, and YOU get to make suggestions! The Hubs and I will spend the next couple years checking them out (hello, recovering gypsies can't be expected to put down roots right away, plus you may have noticed the housing market tanked and we own a house in the second-worst state to own a house: Arizona.) and this will be THE LAST TIME I MOVE. Seriously. Quit laughing Stina people. I mean it!

  • Less than two hours from an LDS temple
  • Established community (Attn Arizona, you do NOT qualify. Most of your houses were built in the last 20 years. How lame is that?)
  • At least two seasons (hot and hotter are NOT two seasons)
  • Strong Crunchy Community, but not so crunchy that I can't shower daily or use the occasional disposable diaper without being ostracized
  • Town of at least 80,000 within an hour
  • Sunny lots of the year
  • Active Craigslist community, honestly I've about died without Craigslist this summer
  • Reasonable property prices so we can have a bit of land and some animals
  • Has an institution of higher learning, because I'm NEVER going to stop educating myself
  • Has a good midwife
  • Not in Utah County, lets face it, those folks are strangely addicted to multilevel marketing 
  • Reasonable job market for programmers
Well, what do you think? 


Emily said...

This could be too far away from home, but LAWRENCE, KANSAS!!! It's the best place I've ever lived, and it fits your criteria now that there's a temple being built in Kansas City. Seriously. It fits every single one of your requirements. We loved it, but we were so far away from family. But we've even talked about moving back someday.

Emily said...

P.S. I'm sure there are lots of programming jobs between Lawrence and Kansas City, but Dave worked as a database administrator (there are lots of programming jobs, too) at Payless ShoeSource's corporate headquarters in Topeka. It was a good company to work for, and could be worth looking into. But Lawrence is the community I would choose to live in. Or Overland Park (area). Everyone loves that area, too.

Bill said...

I think you have just described Boise.

Seriously though, check out Whitefish Montana. Lower elevation than here, near Kalispell and Cardston. You can program from anywhere if there is also an airport.

Brian M Tanner said...

How about Boise?
-Large enough but not too big
-FOUR seasons, milder than Twindy Falls
-Closer to Mom...and of course, ME!
-Boise State (their football team is doing awesome which means they are getting a lot of education funding)
-Lots of classy folks. I'm sure there are plenty of "crunchy" ones.
-Large enough population to support a stellar programmer like your hubby.
-Of course there's a temple
-You can visit ME more often:) My kids could be closer to their cousins.
-There's a ballroom dance club that teaches lessons. You and Matt could learn how to dance!
-Did I mention you'd be closer to me?
your little sis.