Oct 3, 2010

Felt Food: The Pictures

 A while back I wrote about making felt food. This weekend was General Conference for our church so I had several hours of (quasi) uninterrupted time in which to craft while I listened to the words of the Lord. (YAY!)
And I have about 15 minutes until the dinner rolls are out of the oven so...
Here are the pictures of the kids' Christmas Presents. I'm still in awe of how cheap the materials are for such CUTE toys!

This ear of corn was my first attempt (hence the need to tell you what this is). I'm super excited that the kids can shuck this ear of corn since that's one of their favorite summer-time activities! You can't tell (because I'm really awful at operating a camera) but I stitched on kernels with embroidery floss.
Next were eggs. Eggs are easy. VERY easy. 
 Yesterday and today I made Ravioli.It's SUPER easy.  
 Bread and swiss cheese. 
 An ill-conceived attempt at a carrot. 

And for dessert...



5boystokiss said...

Your so fun! Way to go momma!

Chrsitina MC said...

I think if the carrot was little oranger and had a green top it would be swell. Go crafty momma. The cake reminds me of an old lady's tissue box holder, but it's still awesome!

becky said...

Christina-HAHA! yeah, from that angle it kinda does look like a tissue box holder. Maybe I should put up a different picture. Totally love that comment! Honestly my biggest fear is that E will eat it. :D