Oct 26, 2010

It's a Tuesday

Some stuff about today:

  • I may just have an over-developed sense of irony, but isn't it a TAD silly for the aerobic portion of     The Bikini Workout to be swimming? Isn't the point of a Bikini Workout getting your body to a shape you'd feel comfortable WEARING a swimsuit, even for laps?
  • I'm trying to help The Hubs be healthy, since he's almost 30 25. Today at the store I looked for vitamins. The only gummy adult vitamins were prenatals. I figure as long as I change the label before The Hubs sees it, we're golden. A little extra Folic Acid won't hurt him any. 
  •  Walking across campus through 30mph gusts in mesh tennis shoes got me thinking, I need some boots. And a new belt.
  • the Hubs and The Boy got on my blog while I was oven-shopping with Mom. Here's what they wrote. My son totally hacked my blog, which is way embarrassing after making fun of my sisters when I hacked their facebook11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111. When I got home, I asked The Boy why he only typed numbers. He said he didn't like the letter k. It was ucky. 

  • Off to do my math homework. These quadrinomials won't factor themselves, you know.FYI, spell check doesn't like the word, "quadrinomial". It wants me to change it to "quadriplegic" which I totally can't spell without the help of spell check. 
  • Did I totally just spend 20 minutes adding a bikini model picture to my blog so more people would follow the link from Facebook? Yup. 

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