Oct 21, 2010

Not Perfect-Day Five

This morning I woke up to trails of vomit off both sides of The Boy's bed where it pooled on the WHITE carpet. Today also happens to be our once-a-week-preschool-day to which The Boy looks forward all.week.long. He's sick enough I don't think he minded missing it.
Because he was sick and I had some important Facebook school business to attend to, I broke my own "no TV, ever" rule. PBS was on all morning. And Veggie Tales played all afternoon. He hasn't left the couch except one time after I gave him aloe vera juice, to barf it up. (at least he made it to the toilet first.)

I decided to stay home today because I didn't have any clean bras because my son was sick. I remoted in to my class. It's not the same with Sesame Street on in the background.
The upside of staying home is I got lots of (barfy) laundry done. :)

The upside of today was that I got through my math homework without yelling at The Hubs even one time. Trust me, this is an improvement (and something I've been working on). It's a really good thing he's my math tutor, because I would get kicked out of the math lab if I yelled at their tutors, and sometimes, math just makes me angry.
I think our marriage will survive Algebra, but I'm not taking bets for it we make it through calculus (shutter).

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