Oct 22, 2010

It's Over

My Stat counter and I seem to agree, people are over me telling the internet how awful my life is and what a terrible person I am. Back to delusions of perfect-ness!

That being said, I have one last thing to add. Today I went to library after lab. My big toe *MAY* have turned off an entire bank of computers. Several students may or may not be very angry with said toe, depending on whether or not the above scenario took place. I say, if in fact the aforementioned event DID occur, I performed a valuable service. I'm pretty sure from now on they will all hit the save button more regularly. You know, assuming I *actually* turned off 30ish computers...

OK, back to how I'm *so* fabulous.
Got a math test back today.

 Yeah, I'm rocking my inner geek. I really needed it after last week's 88%.

The Hubs picked me up from school and we grabbed a pizza from Costco. Even though we called ahead to order, they gave us an old pizza. I was seriously hungry while picking up the pizza so I decided to order a churro as well. It was speaking to me. It said, "don't buy me. I'm old and crusty!" It turns out churros don't lie. It WAS old and crusty. Next time, I will listen to the churro. You'd think he could have given me heads up about the pizza...

We went home and that's when I noticed it: The Baby has started to talk in sentences! I KNOW! I'm so excited! We can start treating her like a real person now! I'm going to put her on next week's dish-washing rotation. She said, "I want pee-za!" Which I think means, "I want mommy to take me to Italy." It's a good thing The Hubs has me to translate. He thought she meant she wanted pizza. 

After dinner, The Hubs and I were feeling guilty about our plans to ditch our kids and go on a date, so we took them (and two of my sisters) with us on our "Race The Sun Hike". The Boy thought it was great fun to try to finish our hike BEFORE the sun set. I'm not sure he fully understood the concept. The Boy thought if he kept telling the sun he was winning, he would win. Um...yeah. The sun won. Thank goodness for twilight! (Not the kind with sparkley vampires.)

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