Oct 3, 2010

Backyard Camping

Ever since the fiasco that was taking-The-Boy-camping-when-he-was-just-over-a-year-and-I-was-hugely-pregnant-with-The-Baby-and-we-didn't-actually-sleep-because-The-Boy-didn't-sleep-and-it-rained-THE. ENTIRE. TIME. and-our-tent-nearly-floated-away-and-we-packed-up-and-left-at-2am-because-we-weren't-sleeping-anyway...
that time.

We've (read: I've) been scared of camping (with kids).
The Hubs took The Boy to a Fathers and Sons overnighter in May and he did alright (he LOVED peeing outside) but I'M still scared.
So instead of a full-fledged camping trip, we set up the tent in the backyard! It was great.
Setting up the tent was interesting. The tent is OLD. It came from my grandpa. It's at least 50 years old and I LOVE the way it smells. It smells like summer to me. I camped in this tent every year of my youth until Dad got too sick to tent-camp and we switched to hotels.
(It's kinda lop-sided)

The Baby thought it was great fun to lay on the tent while we were trying to get it to stand up. This could be why it's lop-sided.

We called some friends over to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. The Baby enjoyed sitting in the dirt-filled wagon we used for our fire.

The Boy roasting sugar...I mean marshmallows.
Doesn't she look like she's just entered a sugar coma?
The Hubs is SOOO Handsome
(Me, trying to work marshmallows out of my teeth while The Hubs had the camera)

Then we snuggled up in the tent (after a VERY good tooth scrubbing) to watch Dr. Who on the laptop courtesy of Netflix.
A GREAT night, other than the part where we actually had to sleep in the tent.


5boystokiss said...

again fun momma! It looks like your kids loved it. Next step trampoline sleeping- no tent involved and no lumpy bed :)

becky said...

Note,Mom says the tent is *only* 40 years old, and The Baby slept inside. :)